Digital Sounds for an Analog World

by PistolGrip Records


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Ben Joseph. Atlanta, Georgia.

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Track Name: Nov. 14
pedal to the metal homie you can see me rollin
down 285 gotta keep the windows open
bumpin aepi til i die as i go
the inside of my car smell like a snoop dogg show
pull up to the light everybody turn to see
that silly white boy with the bass thumping
haters muggin givin all kinds of dirty looks
while i just keep on puffin my blunt unshook
mash up on the gas when the light turns green
cruisin marietta all the way to sandy springs
then back down south posted up on druid hills
hit up lenox mall just to spend a couple bills
head back to my crib, break it down and pack a bowl
take a couple hits now im all ready to go
headphones on and i step in front the mic
record a couple takes and im done for the night

will you ride if i ride
and promise to be mine
so i can fly
up to up to the sky
cause right now im so dow n
but i think you can turn me around
and right now im so down
like im 6 feet under the ground
Track Name: Calvin & Hobbes
hobbes is my tiger he goes wherever i go
up up into outer space, or fighting a dino
hiking green forests sleddin down in the white snow
mom and dad get mad because they dont know what i know

sittin in the classroom, lost in a daydream
knowin any second old miss wormwood can wake me
calvin did you do your math homework last night
well i tried to, but my tiger hobbes, hit ignite
on the space ship that we built just a week ago
i told him that i wasnt ready but he made me
so i fastened my seat belt and typed in the controls
little did i know we were headed for a black hole
so i had to hit eject and we went hurling through the stars
and before we jnew it we were stranded on the planet mars
then i had to call my dad because we had no ride home
so i called his office but he never picked up the phone
luckily two martians offered us a lift
as long as we didnt mind the mess in the their spaceship
and after the long ride back to earth
i was much too tired to even try to do my homework

hobbes, come quick, close the curtains and the shades
mom and dad are going out and rosalyn is on her way
help me move the furniture and barricade the door
who knows what kind of chores our babysitter has in store
shell make me eat my dinner, she wont let me watch tv
even worse shell make me go to bed before i wanna sleep
we gotta hatch a plan, we cant let her win this war
cause if tigers cant eat babysitters tell me what theyre good for
you start moaning maybe fake a couble sobs
rosalyn come quick i think theres somethign wrong with hobbes
right calvin so what should i do call the vet?
maybe u could just come up the stairs and see why hes upset
when she enters the room ill throw the blanket on her head
then well make our great escape cause if she catches us were dead
here she comes get ready only got one shot
i hope when mom and dad get home theyre not too mad when we get caught

6 oclock in the morning on a dark winter day
wipe the crust from my eyes, strugglin to stay awake
whats that out the window could it really really be
big white fluffy snow flakes fallin on the street
hobbes turn on the radio and see if schools closed
if it is me and you gon have the best day bro
build a snowman in the yard over 10 feet tall
take the sled up dead mans hill and hope to god that we dont fall
build a snowfort so when suzie comes by can get her good
pelt her with a slushball and send her runnin through the woods
hope she dont get mad at me ill get it bad in school
she wont let me see her answers makin me look like a fool
retreat! reatreat! hurry back inside the house
maybe momll make hot cocoa while we warm up on the couch
reading comic books wit my best friend in front the fireplace
theres nothin in my lifethat makes me happier than tiger face
Track Name: Hinei Ma Tov
הִנֵּה מַה טוֹב וּמַה נָּעִים שֶׁבֶת אָחִים גַּם יַחַד
hine ma tov u'manayim shevet achim gam yachad

sittin with my brethren homie just chillin man
all my buddies stay on cool like a ceilin fan
passin plenty blunts around, got enough to share
i cant hardly breath its so much smoke up in the air
gon grab a cup, fill it up with whatever,
it dont matter what u drinkin as long as u on my level
and let me tell ya that right there aint easy to accomplish
me and my accomplices on point like a compass
aepi til i die buddy thats the slogan
15 guys in their rides you can see we rollin
downtown baby better turn all ya lights out
we be steady creepin as crazy as that might sound
money over bitches and bros over hoes
thats the number one code, everybody round me knows
give a fuck about a female, girls is down to play you
but brothers there forever, aint we always down to stay true

how good and pleasant it would be to sit with my fraternity
sip a brew or two, while talkin shit for all eternity
thoughts of work and school and troubles never would occur to me
and anything that tries to kill my high is just absurdity
pop a pizza in the oven, throw the burgers on the grill
fifth of crown to wash it down, gotta keep them bottles chilled
have a seat right on the couch and see whats on tv tonight
shoutout to my brothers cuz its only u and me tonight
hop on the beat tonight, we gon get it clappin
flip the script so quick gotta get a grip when they be rappin
knock you off your seat, fall to the floor, better get right back up
this track bump, attack, got the bass staight shakin like a mac truck
we stack bucks, in the back we high take off just like a jet pack
i bet that, they still talkin shit, no matter we forget that
no setbacks, in fact we gon keep keep on pressin on
youwont ever catch us yawn, hustle til the break of dawn

so if u hungry betta fill your plates up
and if you drinkin better get your weight up
(weight up) and fuck you to the haters
we dont want trouble aint gon buck unless you make us
Track Name: U Know We Here
bottle after bottle, aint no wonder where my money went
how come bitches always disappear once the money spent
sittin at the bar tryin to maintain my composure
eyes so low cuz i been puffin on that dosier
3 shots of crown, 2 brews, and a red bull
ya its goin down, sorry if we disrespectful
but honey this my town, and u really nothin special
let me spin ya body right round like a pretzel
oh no, dont make that boy go off on him
call the paramedics tell em one mo hater lost a limb
goons do all my dirty i work i really cant be botherin
im so far in the lead and all these copycats be followin
me to the edge of the earth i dono why
aint too hard to sit down wit a pen create your own style
instead of bumpin every one my tracks tryin to figure out
how come pistolgrip the only rapper that they talkin bout

even when when you cant see us
u know we here
and even when u cant hear us
we right here
no fear we dont want no trouble
but try n disappear before we leave you in the rubble

put the beat on the table and watch me slaughter it
dont know what u thinkin bout but we already thought of it
fakeass rappers seem to sound a lot like a politics
they oughta call your album an outhouse cuz its a lot shit
you got that potty spit, tampon flow
get the fuck up out da club, u and your ho
cuz we dont want no drama, dont plan on startin none
just wanna chill wit my homies and have some party fun
and im the one, who know i is
better drink ya protein and take ya vitamins
cuz im so on it baby, test me if you doubt it
sky high on on that pine, i cant live without it
off a couple cups, of that ketel one
picked a fight wit the kettle and kettle won
now i dont really know what to make of that
the only thing that id suggest is maybe stay back

they say the grass is always greener on the other side
but id have to disagree
dont be affraid when see us ride by
just not your head to the beat
i know u thinkin that them boys is some trouble
betta lock ya kids inside and hide the key
they must be up to no good, but we so misunderstood
we just tryin make our way to VIP
more bottles, more bud, more women, more hugs
more parties, more drugs, more homies, more love
Track Name: Sim Shalom
man im sick of all this fightin goin on
we gotta put an end to it gotta stand strong
whats wrong wit this world that we livin in cant we get along
if not for ourselves for the sake of the song
sim shalom, lord grant us peace
in our minds, in our hearts, in the middle east
cant we agree, that the wars gotta cease
in order to stop this population decrease
i dont even even see the point, cuz we all pray to god
and shema yisrael adonai echad
god is one, god is great,
so why cant we all get together and pray
why everybody got so much hate
that they cant even go on one damn day
without puttin down other faiths and races
what better place to race than wasted
2pac seemed to feel the same way
but just like he said some thignsll never change
i guess we just gotta accept the fate
and keep paryin to hashem that we keep the faith
i guess we just gotta accept the fate
and keep paryin to hashem that we keep the faith
i guess we just gotta accept the fate
and keep paryin to hashem that we keep the faith
baruch ata
hashem hamevorach
es am
yisrael bashalom

whens it gonna stop im so tired of the killin
blood spillin when instead we should all be chillin
politicans stay talkin bout peace but
its out of reach cuz we so unwillin
to compromise or to find middle ground
instead we tell lies and we keep eachother down
it seems that our hatred has no bounds
and love for one anothers no where to be found
CIA torture during interrogation
and they claim thats its just to protect our nation
but i really dont see whats necessary
bout waterboarding during an investigation
and the people in iran just wanna be free
to be able to decide just who will lead
their country, now after many are slain
finally they stand up and demand a change
finally the whole world understands their pain
thanks to mass media we have ascertained
that the way that we livin just cant remain
as a human race me must refrain
from fallin into old ways but i know its hard
take a look to the future put your faith in god
4000 years and we still stand strong
cant turn back now weve come much too far
lets make a resolution that to keep on tryin
more love less hate, and lots less less dyin
hamakom yenechem etchem
batoch sha'ar avli tzion vyerushalayim
lets make a resolution that to keep on tryin
more love less hate, and lots less less dyin
hamakom yenechem etchem
batoch sha'ar avli tzion vyerushalayim
Track Name: On Top
homie i be gettin that dough every minute every hour
u can see me hustle n flow just call me terrance howard
everybody gone off that dro we call it rocket power
u wanna buck im ready lets go but i think u much too coward
when the honies at where the money at thats all i wana know
i been doin me for so long they say im on a roll
no not honor roll i can barely pass my classes
u mean to tell me that u cant see me somebody better get yo glasses
cuz i be grindin hard, shinin even when its dark
i got a swisha rolled up wit that piff somebody hand me the spark
im in the atmosphore, no wait the stratosphere
nevermind i dont know where im at eyes red like vladimir
yo shit dont really matter here young grip got so muc h badder gear
fine u can come chill wiot me just stop all of that chatter dear
and your girlfriend should come along i think she kinda cute
maybe us 3 can hop up in the pool wit no bathin suit

anything u do i can do it better than yall can
i been makin hits since i was rapping in garageband
naw man i been makin hits since in audacity
minivan music started gettin haters mad at me
and gradually the hate rose, every time the beat dropped
grip would spit that fire, that would melt right through the sheetrock
sacrificing everything just to get the streets hot
i paint a picture every bar more colorful than peacock
harder than the rest of em better than the best of em
i raise my middle fingers to them bastards who be testin him
when they call the station all the ladies be requestin him
*wont u play that song again i think his name is benjamin* - bitcrusher
all those people hatin on me dont know what they missin
got a flow so retarded they should call me peter griffin
got my hikin boots on so u wont ever catch me slippin
fat bowl packed up every time u see me chillin (heeyyyyyy)
Track Name: Uncle Mark
when i first heard it was like a blow to the chest
she called early in the morning sounding distressed
i was caught by disbelief and asked if she could attest
to her little brother fallin to a soldier of death
how could i possibly concentrate on takin the test
when im depressed tearstained sleeves rest on my desk
so i think real hard and i give it my best
thats what uncle mark wouldve wanted, he'd a been impressed
hed tell me that he always knew his nephew possessed
the skills that were needed, and called on upon request
i was blessed that he gave me a chance to progress
at request he professed all the ways of the west
at the funeral friends and family coalesced
but it hurt deep down and we felt dispossesed
i detest the thought him being laid to rest
and im sure that everyone who knew him well can acquiesce

they say that god has a plan for all
and its your time when the heavens call
but its so hard to let you go
itll be alright you can wipe your eyes
its after life we receive our prize
but i just wanna let you know

im eternally grateful you got me my first job
taught me how to be professional stop bein a slob
that volvo in the carport you taught me how to drive in it
it took a long time but now you let me drive ya kid
and that right there means a lot to me
i just want u to know man u mean a lot to me
and i hope i did everything in my power to give back
its cause of you that my lifes finally on the right track
and my pops always had a great time on the golf course
in my family for real youre such a driving force
you bought us tom petty tickets just to see that we happy
you took me to a bama game the drive was crappy
but i appreciate the gesture, no doubt its mad love
and i know that youre still sharin it from above
well down here we still carin, its so hard to get over
my favorite uncle fallin in battle hes not even a soldier

they say that god has a plan for all
and its your time when the heavens call
but its so hard to let you go
itll be alright you can wipe your eyes
its after life we receive our prize
but i just wanna let you know

Track Name: 1, 2, 3
1 for the money 2 for the for the show
roll another blunt homie lets get blowed
3 for the fame 4 for the lames
props to all my playas keep it hotter than a flame
5 for the music 6 for the sound
grab the microphone and neva eve put it down
7 for the beats 8 for the stack
protools soul my heart bleeds on the track

they say the pen much mightier than the sword
much mightier than the knife, in this lyrical war
you cant afford not to fight, not to take flight, from darkness to daylight,
to live life and pray right, stay bright,
even wit them haters on the dimmer switch, ignorant
yall clowns sound like you illiterate, talkin all that killa shit
young grip neva trip, stay on that foreva tip
so sky high, no im not the one to level wit
and let me appologize for soundin inconsiderate
its not that i dont care its just for real im fuckin sick of it
rappers stay arguin, and snivelin, and bickerin
but i just keep my focus on the bic flame flickerin
5 bowl minimum, right before its show time
step up in the booth and make the fuckin microphone shine
spit 100 proof, got them all ready to blow lines
take it to the future way past double 0 9

hold up buddy u need to stay focused now
instead of tallkin shit wontch u try n take the noble route
i dont think its funny, dont know what u jokin bout
i wanna take your mixtape and equalize vocals out
dont start nothin that u cant finish
ima stay shinin god as my witness
every single one of you haters is on my hit list
keep my name out ya mouth and stay out of my business
still bringin the sickness, every bar swine flu
roll a couple Ls in the car thats what i do
just to take away the pain, how high are you?
how come everything in the room look like a cartoon?
slow it dooooooooooown where are you
how come suddenly its so cold bring the guitars through
Track Name: Purp Rolt Up (ft. Neal)

just bought me a sack break it down and roll it up
take a look at that, purple crystals on my nugs
take it out the bag, you can smell it from the street
might as well call it HONEY, cause its tasty as can BEE
im so gone im so gone u can hit me on my cell phone
if i dont pick its cuz im chiefin on a elbow
of the finest herb to ever make it down south
and these indica leaves got me stuck right on the couch
neva stop smokin no not even for a minute
time to legalize the weed, holla at the senate
fuck anti-drug laws, lockin up some good folk
just because a playa get down on that good dope

if yall smoking up, we can burn it down
weve got kush in our blunts and the purple by the pound
i can split it down the center and roll it up real round
and i have put some seeds in the muthafucking ground
i guess you could say im a pro with this weed
from atlanta to new york, amsterdam, then bc
if there is one gripe though i have with the green
is that i cant smoke in my house and still live life free
so why doesnt our government legalize this shit
a few thousand extra jobs could make us all get rich
if marijuana took a life i aint heard of it
but driving when your drinking and you gone kill a bitch

sometimes i close my eyes to escape from the world
but when i do i get distracted by diamonds and swirls
bright lights, turn the night into visions of day
i just might take flight and get carried away (heyyyy)
up into outer space up into the sky
i can see the milky way out the corner of my eye
and im not really sure where i am at the moment
only thing for me to do is take another hit and hooooold it
in and out of black holes, universal playground
do not a give a fuck about the haters cuz they stay down
but me im so up up and away that im invisible
live off THC, the oxygen around me miniscule

take a puff of this, you'll get tore up
cause its that good shit, matanuskan thunderfuck
just like the hook say ive got it rolled up
and when things getting short, its time to re-up
so get that cash together, im bout to buy a bag
imma cover my half, cause its a headie sack
see its that headband, ya'll ever heard of that
this heres that indica, so you'll be sitting back
watch i'll milk the bong, and then ill make it clear
1 gram snappers here, my lungs will never fear
i said i love the bud, ill say it loud and clear
and if you hate the bud, then you can kiss my rear

ya i feel like bob marley rudebwoy rasta
take a hit of this shit, and then tell me who gotcha
meet me in the kitchen boil water for the pasta
im so high and this food is gon be awesome
Track Name: Brand New
ive been searchin for somethin new
im so tired im so tired im so tired of lovin you
it seems that lately things aint been so cool
bitch you tried to play me but now whos the fool
so thats why im searchin for someone new
someone who would do me right and always be true
im lookin for a reason to start all over
my world is just so cold and its only gettin colder
ooh and now u mad at me even though you aint nothin but
bad to me, your now once pretty face is just so
sad to see, and gradually im movin on
gotta stay strong, ya so naturally
i found a young woman she a match for me
dont care what we do but do it casually
when we in the bedroom play so dastardly
swear to god she love me but thats blasphemy
she dont even wanna take my cash from me
this the type id want my family to meet
because i know that she the one for me
shed do anything long as its fun for me
wake up extra early just to run wit me
say one day she wanna have a son with me
she say her brand new life begun with me
Track Name: AEPi Til I Die (ft. Neal & Jay Ash)
aepi til i die homie thats how we ride
from the AM to the PM you can see them boys fly
black on black attire, catch the young ladies eyes
and unline sigma nu we only rock blue ties
there they go, pack a bowl, sip a beer whatever,
prove untrue the blue, thats something these kids would never
wanna do, our debut at georgia state will not be severed
so them haters can say anything they want its whatever
whether we posted on campus, or chillin at the frat house
when we face a problem them apes will never back down
15 guys no doubt got my back now
when they see that black pin they like you in a frat now?
hell yes, what it do, aepi the hardest jews
if you think you got what it takes come on and join the crew
no it wont be easy if you think you ready follow me
for the good and welfare of the gamma alpha colony

better watch out everybody, here comes the large member
A E Pi till i die, man I'm bleeding blue forever
we just made it on our campus now we onto our next endeavor
2 successful rush classes then we gets our self a charter
we are spreading out on our campus, way faster than the swine flu
if your a sorority at ga state, believe we'll find you
parties every other month, of course they're at max's
it may be residential but three figures we are packing
5 o clock in class yeah this learning stuff is a bitch
6 o clock at the frat house I'm packing up our hits
7 o clock at sidebars we pounding back our fifths
8 o clock on Tuesdays yeah our meetings are the shit
if you got an announcement im here to send the text out
always paying attention is Feldman, he's writing shit down
then we've got Becker, he plays with our finances
and Avi and jonny to make sure were all advancing

we got jonny, max, and gelfond
neal becker and beckermon
feldman, slovin, augestein and morrison
shim, ishy, spector,
asher, joseph, pit
cant deny that we fly ya u know them boys the shit
ya u know them boys the shit ya u know them boys the shit
a e pi til i die ya u know them boys the shit
ya u know them boys the shit ya u know them boys the shit
a e pi til i die who you think u fuckin wit