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released August 3, 2009



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PistolGrip Records Atlanta

Ben Joseph. Atlanta, Georgia.

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Track Name: J Ash - Young Soldier
shipped off at eighteen no path no dreams
just a rifle between you and six feet deep
you fight for a cause lost in the politics
so at the end of all of it you fight for yourself
for the man crying for help
for the baby girl you left alone by herself
cause on the surface everything appears fine
broken mirrors reflect a broken inside
side effects from the gun (you call mine)
escape the noise into silence you go
haunting horrors now become (your home)
but on the surface everything appears fine
you're a tough guy warrior state of mind
fight with hope and your head held high
find the pride you deserve to have shine
you deserve a finish line of eternal sunshine

“God forgive me for i have sinned
please help me to make amends”
“God forgive me for i have sinned

a widow cries for the life i did suspend ill intent”
visions now provoke he moans lone soldier he roams
battlefield unforgiving left alone stay prone
soldier of fortune for your kin tough skin
next in line wont inherit your sins
blood shed it all begins
wont see the blood shed for the kids
wont see the tears cried only nationwide pride far and wide
for the man they hold high
for the man’s ultimate sacrifice
for his life enshrined in perpetual mankind redefined
from the darkness he produced
make a truce with your heart
let it see the bigger part you played
as a savior from the devils of the trade
from the martyrs insane adversaries agony
you defeat defiantly God’s decree
may you rest in peace

“God forgive me for i have sinned
please help me to make amends”

bang bang bang goes the gun
one life gone one life on the run
one life shattered one life undone
one life honored one life left a son
fatherless with his memory amiss
give a kiss to the ones that you love
reminisce on the heavens above
for the souls that you loved
for the angels and doves
grant peace in the lives of the living
grant peace from the sights unforgiving
say a prayer for the souls left battered
for the hearts left shattered and the kids now scattered
God let there be light, may your children cease to fight
grant freedom from the plight that this hatred does ignite
Track Name: J Ash - So Far Away (ft. PistolGrip)
i been walkin so long in the dark all alone
followin my foot steps tryin to get home but
im so far away,
im so far away
i got my head in the clouds my hand on a star
im walkin on the moon it dont seem that far but
im so far away, im so far away

I ran from myself and I ran from the world
That sticky icky green kept my mind in a twirl
I ran from school and I ran from home
that stick icky green worked hard on my dome
i write to rhyme and i rhyme to express
all these deep thoughts that lurk in my chest
they say im not depressed and its just the side effects
when your mind intersects the green and neglects
the sanity thats left before becoming perplexed
see i inhale the success from which i transgressed
the life of excess its no more regress
but i must profess that i failed to repress
the anxiety and stress mary caused to coalesce
like a paper press they inscribe my family cress
now as i digress from all this distress
peace is addressed as i reach my life's crest

As i rise from the ashes i exhale the smoke
that left me paralyzed the last time we spoke
As i walk from the valley of the shadow of death
i look back on that hole that tried to claim my last breath
i move on with life and i see the light
no longer do i struggle, struggle with the fight
from under the weight of all that lost fake
from which id partake oh my hardest mistake
Now instead of one puff its 2 shots back
of the finest hard liquour you got on that rack
i drink to numb and i numb to hide
everything i wish that i'd just left behind
blindly i went back for just one last go
i thought itd get better the second time in a row
[and everything i do, everything i say
gets lost on the journey cuz im so far away]

Now im in the A and my wounds are all stitched
my heart beats harder than when i thought i loved that bitch
it was all just a glitch, now ive climbed out from that ditch
now i see the seasons and its so damn beatiful
this city's so apropos to my free flow
i'm just a joe blow that wants to hit the plateu
bask in that success i ask whats next
for me in this life of constant regrets
its one step forward but its two steps back
everyday i anticipate my looming heart attack
too much stress yah its fuckin up my mind
i pop two pills back, watch me shine
ive done all my dues ive washed off all that stench
now my soul grows deeper than the mariana trench
see as far as i run ill always be there
so far away yet im enprisoned by that nightmare