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Track Name: SJFBM Intro
born and raised in sandy springs now i live in toco hills
y'all can come and find me steady chasin dollar bills
young PG, well known that he keep it real
always give his enemies the slip, banana peel
alpha epsilon pi till i die, bro
drink a 5th of vodka out the bottle like a wino
party party party all night till my eyes closed
im a just a college kid what the fuck do i know
a young'n in this rap game surely
ima just take my time, no hurry
its ok baybay aint no need to worry
i got perfect vision and these haters lookin blurry
and if airplanes in the night sky were like shooting stars
i'd pop a champagne for each and every one of my jewish stars
me and my people have been living in pain
ever since we killed jesus h whats his name
im just playing, but as far as this song go
i hit em wit the left right left right combo
gangsters don't dance u need to stop wit that mambo
they beggin for a track so i deliver it pronto
whats the convo? all i know is money talk
y'all need to shut the fuck up wit that funny talk
i see em looking while im standin at the crosswalk
rollin, rollin, but u aint collection no moss, rock
gimme a minute while i put it in perspective
ill shake em straight to the core, no elective
ill take em straight to the store, lay em out on the floor,
forget it holmes, u better call the detective
Track Name: Blue & Gold
uh huh u know what it is
gotta go hard for them jewish kids
ape till i die, ya we bout that
think u can spot us when we ride, bitch we doubt that
i'm goin in for the colors that im reppin
blue & gold blue & gold blue & gold blue & gold
don't think they want it, we gon teach them boys a lesson
blue & gold blue & gold blue & gold blue & gold

Avant garde, you out of date like atari games
up on the stage We Keep em movin like the marta train
my windows tinted they cant see me in the turning lane
feel like Jason asher in this bitch I'm just so far away
white shirt black slacks blue tie fly kicks
aepi til I die that's that but what's this
we don't even gotta try everytime we walk on by
girlies wave and haters sigh, so priceless
and in this synthetic world filled wit 0s and 1s
its kinda nice to have somethin from the earth in my lungs
I elevate til my soul reaches the heavens above
and aint nothin in my heart but dedication and love
see life is like a ladder it don't matter where you at
as long you keep reachin for the top no fallin back
I remember when I used to spit all them foolish raps
but now I try to keep it positive up on the track

hop up on the stage, bright lights in my face
from up here the crowd seems like they miles away
for a second i thought i heard someone calling my name
maybe they were maybe they weren't, am i going insane?
i could feel my heart racing someone get me a sedative
then i started sweating from a double dose of adrenaline
its now or never, yo, sound guy, drop the beat
everybody sittin down stand up and move your feet
now make some noise if u really happy to be here
raise ur cups up to the sky and chant loud and clear
aepi til i die aepi til i die
i just wanna say how happy i am to be alive
and what an honor it is to be a part of this fraternity
bringing yiddishkeit to georgia state university
breaking down walls of anti-Semitic sentiment
we'll show the whole world that am yisroel is eminent

wake up in the morning, wash my hands and say my brochas
brew a cup of tea, and im ready for the ruckus
you fuckas, need to get ya weight up
white boy swag, and the haters still hate us
4-door altima, 5% tint
just so all u motherfuckers cant see who im rollin wit
speaking of rollin it, im still rollin up
its still a mystery the way my lungs holding up
alpha epsilon pi - or die
walk up in the club with a whole gang of isrealeites
thank god that we still here still alive
we still getting money we still dressing fly
we still breakin poor little jewish girls hearts
they keep callin even though we worlds apart
and yo i must apologize for writin treif songs
but i just spit it real talk, fuck what they on
Track Name: Kanye West - Welcome to the World (ft. Kid Cudi)
i'd like to welcome y'all to the world of
greek life, its a party every weeknight
girls on the dance floor drunk as fuck
while the brothers in the back getting lit like street lights
and y'all know me right?
takin off like ya boy in free flight
double shots of patron got me all up on the microphone
trying to kill the fuckin beat twice
and even when the kegs tapped out
no smoke in the air, just roaches in the ash tray
better believe we still up and about, makin our way thru the crowd
livin life like its our last day
and who really gives a fuck what they say
sittin home alone so fuckin afraid
haters just mad they won't ever leave the ground
while me and my crew up up and away
aepi til i die lil homie
u don't like my style? blow me
im goin in like a bullet in the chamber
spittin plenty rounds for all y'all phonies
better run and get ya homies
think you're gonna need back up
gimme a minute i'll be right right back
right now i'm fuckin this track up
u think u bad huh?
well im badder dog
guaranteed every word that i spit
gon make these haters madder dog
don't even matter dog, its all gravy
pay attention, adderall
my next verse might get a little crazy
aint no telling where this boy is goin wit his flow
just make you got your seat belt on
and your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road
no more stops, only go's
blown dro smoke outta open windows
goin bout 85 on 85 whoever heard of taken it slow
Track Name: O They Jewish
long gray beard, wide black hat,
walkin to the shul then the deli then back
crown heights hustling this is where its at
i think ima need another perrier stat
friday morning gotta take a dip in the mikveh
do my best to keep all 613 mitzvahs
when moshiach comes the ground will shake off the richter
but for now i gotta cut and cook all of this kipper
goldstein's been a good friend me, we daven all the time at 770
and when i got sick last week, i walked to his pharmacy to get the remedy
wish i had 100 legs like a centipede, i could walk everywhere more efficiently
and when i got robbed last night, i called shomrim to report it as a felony

oyyyyy oh dey jewish
oh dey jewish oh dey jewish
oyyyyy oh dey jewish
after torah study we can get right to it
oyyyyy oh dey jewish
oh dey jewish oh dey jewish
oyyyyy oh dey jewish
walk up in the party bumping klezmer music

study 12 hours out of every single day
with my partner yitzchok, not from USA
i think he's from ukraine or something hard to really tell
since he only speaks yiddish, and not even really well
lunch time gotta go and pick up my falafel
always pita palace, anatolias is awful
and after getting wasted at a party with my brothers
i might hit up waffle house but get no bacon with my waffle
plan on leading birthright trips over the fall
get to go to israel, don't gotta pay at all
gonna put a brocha in the temples west wall
and get drunk on ben yehuda street, until my wife calls
Track Name: Peach Treez
ya im from the city where we twist it up and burn it down
every single week u know we chief another quarter pound
no exaggeration y'all haters need to stay patient
cuz we 800 miles up in the air, cant even see the ground
take another bong rip, let em know we on it
if u got some money let them lames see u flaunt it
guaranteed i take a hit and hold it in the longest
so much smoke up in my house you'd think that it was haunted
sharpstone grinder, pack of bic lighters
looks like we about to pull another all nighter
smoke a couple bowls had another couple prior
dont think i could even really get much higher
still ima try tho, take a seat, fido,
wontchu help me kill a couple grams of white rhino
burnin like a pyro, take a trip to cairo
damn my head keep spinning spinning spinning like a gyro

weigh it out, bag it up quarter pound, thats whats up
getting high, really high hit it twice and pass it up
cannabis wit purple leaves sittin tall above the trees
better get ya money right if u trine smoke wit me
don't nobody smoke for free throw a couple dollars in
aepi til i die what them boys still hollerin
buy up all the clothes from every single mall were in
keep it cool wit homes but to haters we intolerant
purple haze, white widow, lemon skunk, and sour d
blueberry, hashplant, afghan, naw mean?
jackfrost, grape ape, chemdawg, OG,
cinderella 99, ya that homegrown dream
and we rock digi scales, no triple beams
fast money, green trees, the american dream
and if u tryin to proceed just join the team
we burn it down all day u know those buds supreme
Track Name: Like a G6 (Remix)
cant fuck wit the kid cuz he nice wit the flow
spit it so slick like ice on the road
eyes so low, steady lighting the dro
demolition in the booth, make the mic explode
hiphop swagger, really doesn't matter
climbing to the top via jacobs ladder
white boy killin shit, everybody feelin it
put away the beat like a publix bagger
3, 2, 1, its on
guarantee the fans gon love this song
got a group of jews that can vouch for the fact
that im putting in work till the crack of dawn
alpha epsilon pi,
man its been a long time
just received our charter and our room
so now its on right

all i need is a lighter and a ziploc bag
pretty green leaves ya we been on that
gotta stay high all the time
cuz when im flying my life don't feel so bad
call me a addict i don't give a fuck
ima just laugh and roll one up
stay getting lit like a chanukah menorah
yup, y'all know we the chosen ones
tell me is u holding son?
jackfrost, frozen lungs
asked how many grams do i want
i told him all of um
head back to crib,
weigh it out, break it down
twist it up, take a hit
and elevate off the ground
Track Name: Creation
its been a long long time since i took my eyes off the road
my face is numb from driving with the windows down in the cold
my headlights are dim, i can barely my way
both hands on the wheel as i think about decisions that vie made
and even when the cops get behind
i aint scared none, no i aint scared none
cuz my king he sits right beside me
and through all of creation
Track Name: AEPi Who We R
its a party over here we gon start a riot
tell all ya friends everybody invited
no cover charge, everybody excited
bring ya own bottles cuz we aint supplying
turn the music up i can barely hear it
getting fucked up, now thats the spirit
beer pong champ, no interference
all the pretty girls gather round and they cheering
A - E - PI
till i die, raise ya cups up, touch the sky
stay blown smoke so we way up high
and i can barely breathe, cuz my throat so dry

you know them boys so fly
don't even gotta try
the girlies waving hi
were way up in the sky, aepi till i die
you know them boys the shit
they said that we should quit
but now our frat's legit
were way up in the sky, aepi till i die

blue and gold are the colors ya u know what it is
ape till i die u can roll wit the kid
if u aint got a ride, pick u up at the crib
all the way downtown then back again
champagne glasses, in between classes
no more books, i just wanna hit the mattress
getting fucked up is my facebook status
pack another gram in the apparatus
and let it burn
you wanna hit my blunt better wait your turn
these haters still talkin shit when will they ever learn
gotta problem wit my team that aint my concern
Track Name: U Be Killin Me
oh you burnin up girl, i gotta have ya
the way u move that body i wanna grab ya
bring ya back home wit me and act real bad
i promise not to tell ya man where ya been at
girl u be killin me, u be killin me
girl u be killin me, u be killin me
girl u be killin me, u be killin me
girl u be killin me, oh oh ooohhhhhhh

The way lil mama move them hips enough to drive me crazy,
Shakin like a lunatic, never cease to amaze me
Girl, aint nothin new to this, how u doin miss daisy?
Let's cut thru all the foolishness that shit don't really phase me
Tell me what u drinkin on, let's make it a double,
I know what u thinkin now, Ooh girl u in trouble
How about we take this lil party to my crib,
I can show u how I live, do some things u never did
so who u tryna kid? this aint nothin serious
If your mother only knew, ooh shed be so furious
quit wit actin shy, i can teach u how to fly,
just close ya eyes, aint nothing wrong wit bein curious
shorty she artist so she use her right brain
im actin retarded, ooh she give that right brain
have u even the sky from a G5 plane
im on that rihanna shit whats my name?




You wassup girl

Ain't gotta ask it

I get along now

Hop outta caskets

They should arrest you

Or whoever blessed you

Ain't tryna stress you

But I'm a letchu kno girl

You be killen em (4x)

Uh uh ohh

You ain't gotts worry bout er

Shorty straight

I been chasin her for 2 days

First 48

A bad bitch cost

She worth every cent

She look like the best money I ever spent

Jus watchin my cutiepie gettin besutyfied

Make me want better jewels a newer ride

Louis vuitton shoes

She got too much pride

Her feet killin her

I call it shoeicide

Lookin good has it's sacrifices

Chilly weather bring 4 figure jacket prices

Her body nice

Face dime

Give you dat iphone4 face time

Shorty in da streets

Still handle the home

Enough class for wine

Styll handle patron

When them other girls call I hand her the phone

N she hand em the tone

Track Name: Touch the Sky
throw ya motherfuckin hands up high
to the beat y'all - we trying to touch the sky
i cant describe how im feelin tonight
we in the building y'all, throw ya hands up high

climb up in my spaceship lets get up outta town
forget about the problems that u had back on the ground
see you and me together baby we can live forever maybe
if i play it cool you'll stay around
penthouse view from the top of the moon
we got enough air to last from january to june
and when july comes around we'll head back down
to spend the summer in the sun how does that sound?
ask anybody on the street we don't play around
and i don't see nobody hatin in the a town
the good news comin through like every day now
wake up late from a snooze and lay back down
ask anybody on the street we don't play around
and i don't see nobody hatin in the a town
the good news comin through like every day now
wake up late from a snooze and lay back down

hey all i want is to have a little fun right now
make my way to the keg as i burn one down
im feelin hotter than the sun right now
little buddy aint u heard that we run this town
north side, south side, west coast, east coast
hell yeah i know u feelin me now
raise ya lighters for the kid cuz u know my flows
so hot aint no cooling it down
who would ever have thought a little liquor and pot
would be enough for ya mind to start playing tricks
close my tab at the bar, so far is my walk to the car
but i dono exactly exactly where it is
now its 4 drunk frat boys wit me at the wheel
really hope that we make it home in one piece
blowin smoke from the piece all the way down the street
cuz we still don't give a fuck about the police
Track Name: Real Talk
professor taking roll i don't even hear my last name
head down on the desk, fast asleep until the class change
another late night the price of living in the fast lane
no need to explain the red eyes behind my black frames
daydreams of fantasies when we all was ballin out
VIP table everybody got they wallets out
champagne by the bottle, now whats what im talkin bout
steady spending paper while u haters chasing small amounts
you want some drama take it right to the booth
im like a prophet on the mic spreading the light and the truth
i got the blunts rolled up so we lighten a few
dirty martinis straight up, don't need no ice with my goose
pedal pedal to the metal homie u can see rollin
down 285 gotta keep my windows open
screaming blue & gold blue & gold as i go
the inside of my car smell like a snoop dog show

im just tryna live my life the best way i know how
always keep a prayer for the man above the clouds
its just me and my brothers, give a fuck about the others
we gon run our compettiion to the ground, ground
im just tryna live my life the best way i know how
always keep a prayer for the man above the clouds
its just me and my brothers, give a fuck about the others
we gon run our competition to the ground, ground
Track Name: Long Time
its been a long time since u've come around
and last time you just shot me down
but no more
fuck off i don't really need u
im better off just watching the previews

hey when we first met you wouldn't even look at me
wouldn't say hi, like u smilin wit crooked teeth
i had to prove myself, to you and even me
and then i taught u the yiddish word for destiny
cause im yours, and baby you're mine
roommates mad cuz we tyin up the phone lines
i love the way that u can read me like a road sign
you light my world up when the sun don't shine
cuz before i felt like something was missin
when i was praying someone up there mustve listened
she cook a 3 course meal in the kitchen
me, im chillin out on the couch, watching the simpsons

im sick of bein mistreated im sick of not bein needed
when everything i do i do for you and i know u feel it
i offered you my heart no charge but you'd rather steal it
always gotta be the one in charge couldn't conceal it
time to pack your shit up and from my life u must vacate
i do not have the patience for more of your little playdates
when we started dating i thought that you'd be my playmate
but fuck u, baby, i just put my profile up on j-date
so move on, so move on, so move on, so move on
so move on, so move on, so move on girl
and tell me how ya life is
without me, cuz right now im livin priceless

climb up in my spaceship lets get up outta town
forget about the problems that u had back on the ground
see you and me together baby we can live forever maybe
if i play it cool you'll stay around
Just a month ago we were chillin and watchin movies
But after reevaluating you mean nothing to me
I cannot say that I don't miss the way things used to be
It was only you and me, now it feels like just a dream
doin my own thing, back out on my own
I deleted all your pictures, took your number out my phone
please don't call me home, especially when im stoned
cuz u know that i be sensitive when im all alone
Track Name: Light Up
it was 2000 years ago in the promised land
we wanted to praise hashem but the greeks made a demand
that every jew should should pray to several helenistic gods
they made us bow to idols and even eat some hog
but matisyahu told the soldiers hell no
he and his sons killed several greeks in a row
for fear of being caught, all the jews had to leave
they fled to the mountains with the maccabim
those brave soldiers risked their lives for the yidden
but holiness prevails and darkness stays hidden
at the temple there was only one drum of oil
but that small amount lasted 8 days and didn't spoil
so now every year on the 25th of kislev
we pull out our menorahs and we let the light spread
and since today we live in a time where we're allowed
to keep mitzvot we should because it makes hashem proud
Track Name: Half Ounce Freestyle
i got a half ounce of hydroponics in my back pocket
bout to buy a blunt break it down twist it up and spark it
cuz for real im so sick of the way that these haters talkin
plus im stressin cuz i got a test today i hope i rock it
but i got so much to do, didnt get a chance to study
wish i had a million dollars like drizzy and kid cudi
but instead im workin like a slave at this studio
i dont even make my music there just get treated like a ho
shlep all over town running errand for these people
and the fuckin engineer, man hes especially evil
always gotta call me out for shit i have no control over
like he so important trackin all these little voiceovers
if i had a chance to show him up i would take it
show em what it means to be a protools rapist
neo in the booth, red pill like the matrix
but for now ill just keep on puffin til i can take it
Track Name: D Frank - I Don't Wanna Die (Remix ft. PistolGrip)
me and my brothers just in a fast car cruisin
aepi till i die, homie thats the movement
in the back seat wit a philly blunt brewin
good times great life what we all persuin
i thank god for my time under the sun
but why'd my uncle mark have to die so young?
leavin his boy of 13 years old
livin in this world often feels so cold
gotta go to college to obtain a degree
its hard to focus in the class when u got ADD
and i know that i been actin kinda lazily
its just sometimes i feel there aint no hope in savin me
but still i put my faith in the better times to come
the past is the past and cant be undone
gotta look to the future, and run forrest run
cause the world is infinity but life is just 1